Chinese lunar year

Chinese Lunar Year stamps

The Chinese Year Lunar is the feast more popular in China. Within the Chinese calendar is the most important festival and its influence extends by many countries in east Asia. If we are talking about from the world of philately, the Chinese Year Lunar is one of the reasons for the issuance of new stamps of quality, stamps with a virtuosity and beauty that are reflected in the sheet of stamps that emit China and other Asian countries also celebrate these festivals.

The Chinese Year Lunar is a thematic stamps very much appreciated by collectors of stamps. This theme is growing every day, with new issues not only in China but in other countries who want to leave engraved on their stamps the greatness of these festivities. In China in Chinese Year Lunar is the festival known as the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.

Stamp collecting Chinese lunar year asia

Europe stamps Chinese Lunar Year

For a long time collectors of stamps from European countries, have been interested in the stamps on the subject “Chinese Year Lunar” , which is the name as you know the Chinese New Year abroad. It is normal to see as in Europe there are countries that have been added to their collections stamps of this issue.

America stamps Chinese New Year

The stamps of the Chinese Year Lunar that we can find in America are of great value, as an example we can see the seals of the Chinese New Year in the United States. In the United States of America we can find the largest population of Chinese immigrants from all over the world. For years the Chinese have traveled to the United States seeking a better life. For this reason the Year Chinese Lunar is a feast of great importance that we see in the sheets of stamps issued in this country. There is only to give a tour of China Town during the celebration of these festivals to believe that we are in China.


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