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Stamps theme Europe

One of the thematic stamps more popular is the series of stamps and stamps blocks from Europe CEPT. The majority of experts that are dedicated to collecting stamps, saved in your collection stamps of theme Europe. The stamps of theme Europe are well known, valued, and coveted by the best collectors. The stamps can be found in this category met with some features from the list below:

  • Stamps of countries of Europe
  • Stamps with the nomenclature of Europe CEPT, that includes different themes. Each year all the countries that have joined the organization PostEurop, whose purpose was, issued stamps commemorating a same reason or theme.
  • Stamps blocks of thematic Europe.

Europa Stamps in Stamp collecting

Stamps theme Europe by countries

  • Azerbaijan Europe Stamps

  • Belarus Europe Stamps

  • Bulgaria Europe Stamps

  • Czech Republic Europe Stamps

  • Slovakia Europe Stamps

  • Slovenia Europe Stamps

  • Estonia Europe Stamps

  • Hungary Europe Stamps

  • Italy Europe Stamps

  • Kazakstán Europe Stamps

  • Lithuania Europe Stamps

  • Macedonia Europe Stamps

  • Moldova Europe Stamps

  • Poland Europe Stamps

  • Portugal Europe Stamps

  • Romania Europe Stamps

  • Russia Europe Stamps

  • Sweden Europe Stamps

  • Ukranie Europe Stamps

  • Vatican City Europe Stamps

Features stamps theme Europe

Many countries in Europe already belong to the association of PostEurop), whose purpose was. One of the main characteristics of the stamps of Europe, is that each country emits only a stamp each year or series of several stamps, sheet stamps per year and for this theme. We can see how several countries issue stamps of theme Europe where we are dealing with a theme, such as “Old Toys theme Europe 2015“. As a general rule are only issued in sheets notepad or leaves notepad and comply with all the above. Rarely you will find some exception.

The stamps of theme Europe are highly prized by collectors of stamps. In this category we’re going to find the main countries of Europe that emit stamps of this issue. These countries are part of PostEurop), whose purpose was, that was created to unify the reason of the stamps issued for the item Europe. Each year PostEurop), whose purpose was choose a reason to decorate the stamps on the theme. These stamps have been issued for collectors and lovers of the philately since 1993. Since the year 2002 is a contest to determine which country has the issuance of the stamp more beautiful for the thematic of Europe. Always respect the reason and subject chosen.

The participating countries can choose the format of publication. The stamps of theme Europe can be stamps only, series of stamps, blocks of stamps, sheets notepad stamps, even many of these countries have come to launch booklets of stamps with the reason for Europe for the year in force.

In this category you will find stamps of Europa, Europa CEPT and stamps of great value related to the theme Europe.