Europe is home to a diverse array of flowers, with many different species found throughout the continent. Some of the most well-known and iconic flowers of Europe include:

  • The tulip, which is native to Central Asia but was popularized in Europe during the Dutch Golden Age. Tulips come in a wide range of colors, including red, pink, yellow, and purple.
  • The rose, which is a popular flower in many European countries. Roses are known for their delicate beauty and sweet fragrance.
  • The lily, which is a symbol of purity and innocence. Lilies come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, and orange.
  • The sunflower, which is native to North America but was brought to Europe by explorers. Sunflowers are known for their large, bright yellow blooms that follow the sun.
  • The daffodil, which is a symbol of spring and renewal. Daffodils are known for their bright yellow and white flowers that appear in early spring.
  • The daisy, which is a common wildflower found in many European countries. Daisy’s come in white and yellow colors
  • The Bluebell, which is native to Britain and is known for its blue flowers that bloom in the spring.
  • The Poppy, which is native to European and is known for its bright red flowers that bloom in the spring and summer.

These are just a few examples of the many different types of flowers that can be found in Europe. Each country has its own unique flora and fauna, many of which are featured on their respective postage stamps.

Stamps flora of Germany

stamps flowers of the Botanical Garden Germany

Año 1991, serie de 5 stamps nº 1337 – 41 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 12€. Tema protección de la naturaleza. Plantas del Jardín Botánico Rennsteiggarten Oberhorf. Stamps Europe.

Stamps flora of Belarus

stamps flower power series belarus 2008

Año 2008, Mini – Pliego de 3 series nº 623 – 30 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 9€. Tema flores de jardín.

stamps collecting flowers belarus 2008
belarus-2008-03 stamps collecting

Año 2008, 8 Mini Pliegos de 21 stamps cada uno, nº 623 – 30 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 63€. Tema flores de jardín – serie corriente.

stamps wild flowers of belarus

Año 2009. Mini pliegos de 2 series, con 5 series y una viñeta cada uno en sus extremos, nº 675 – 76 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 10.50€. Tema flores silvestres en peligro de extinción.

belarus-2012-01 stamps

Año 2009, Mini – Pliego de 4 series de 2 stamps intercalados, nº 789 – 90 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 12€. Tema plantas amenazadas de extinción.

Stamps diverse flora of the country
belarus-2014-02 stamps collector

Año 2014, 4 Mini Pliegos de 4 stamps cada uno, nº 864 – 67 del catálogo Yvert, valor 38.40€.

Año 2014, folder Bloc nº 112 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 9.60€. Flores del Jardín Botánico Central de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias ( NAS ) de Minsk en belarus.

Stamps flora of Chequia

Año 2012, folder Bloc  de 4 stamps y 4 viñetas espectaculares nº 45 del Catálogo Yvert, valor  7.60€. Tema orquídeas.

Stamps flora of Estonia

Stamps Flora diverse Estonia 2007

Año 2007, folder con 4 stamps y 4 viñetas en cada uno de sus extremos nº 27 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 3.50€. Tema flora diversa.

Stamps flora of Finlandia

Stamps current national flower series finlandia

Año 2002, serie corriente, Carnet Auto- Adhesivo con 3 series de 5 stamps nº 1565 – 69 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 3€. Flores nacionales.

Finlandia-2002-02 stamps

Año 2002,serie corriente, Catnet Auto – Adhesivo de 3 series de 5 stamps nº 1570 – 74 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 4.50€.Tema flores del país.

Stamps flora of Moldova

Año 2008, serie de 3 stamps nº 538 – 40 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 10€.

Año 2008, folder Bloc con 3 stamps de flora y 3 viñetas de fauna nº 41 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 9.50€. Flores diversas del país.

Stamps flora of Ukranie

flora of Ukranie en folder stamps

Año 2000, folder Bloc con 10 stamps nº 21 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 4.50€. Tema flores diversas del país.

flora - captus de Ukranie - 2014 stamps
Ukranie-2014-02 stamps

Año 2014, cabeza de un mini pliego de 3 series de 4 stamps nº 1167 – 70 del catálogo Yvert, valor 20.70€. Tema flores – cactus.