WWF of Oceania is a regional branch of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), a global conservation organization. It works to protect the environment and wildlife of Oceania, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands. They focus on a variety of conservation efforts, including species protection, marine conservation, forestry, and climate change. WWF of Oceania works with governments, businesses, and local communities to promote sustainable development and conservation. They also carry out research, provide educational opportunities, and lobby decision makers in the region.

Stamps of Australia

Australia is home to many different species of birds. These include the Emu, the Kookaburra, the Galah, the Magpie, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, the Budgerigar, the Crimson Rosella, the Cockatiel, the Rainbow Lorikeet, the King Parrot, and the Spotted Pardalote. Australia also has many types of waterfowl, including ducks, geese, swans, pelicans, and many species of seabirds. Many of Australia’s birds are unique to the continent and are not found anywhere else in the world.

The Australian continent provides a wide range of habitats for its birds, from the wet tropical forests of the north to the dry desert regions in the south. Australia’s birdlife also includes many migratory species, such as the Common Blackbird, the Common Starling, and the Common Myna, which migrate from the Northern Hemisphere to spend the southern summer in Australia. Many of Australia’s native birds, such as the lyrebird and the kookaburra, are well-known for their distinctive calls.

protección fauna Australia 1998

Año 1998, serie de 4 stamps unidos en parejas horizontalmente nº 1683 – 86 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 3.50. stamps Tema fauna – protección a la naturaleza, pájaros de Australia en su hábitat natural.


stamps de wwf de Filipinas

serie de fauna diversa

Año 2011, serie de 4 stamps en bloque de 4 nº 3581 – 84 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 2€. Tema fauna – protección a la naturaleza – cocodrilos.

stamps de wwf de Nauru.

protección de fauna marina

Año 1997, serie de 4 stamps unidos horizontalmente nº 423 – 426 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 7.50€. Animales protegidos- fauna marina – peces.

stamps de wwf de Norfolk Island.

serie de reptiles protegidos.

Año 1996, serie de 4 stamps unidos horizontalmente nº 593 – 596 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 4€. Tema protección de la fauna – reptiles.

stamps de wwf de Tonga.

serie de fauna protegida

Año 2012, serie de 4 stamps nº 1264 – 67 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 16.20€. Tema protección a la naturaleza – caballitos de mar en su hábitat.

stamps de wwf de Vanuatu.

serie de fauna murciélagos

Año 1996, serie de 4 stamps nº 999- 1002 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 4.40€. Tema protección de la naturaleza – murciélagos en su hábitat.

serie de fauna - loros.

Año 2011, serie de 4 stamps unidos horizontalmente nº 1388 – 91 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 8€. Tema fauna protegidas – loro.