Wildlife filatelic stamp collecting, also known as thematic stamp collecting, is a popular hobby among stamp collectors in the United States. The US Postal Service has issued many series of stamps featuring wildlife native to America, such as the American Wildlife series, the Endangered Species series, and the Nature of America series. These stamps often feature illustrations or photographs of animals such as the Bald Eagle, Grizzly Bear, American Buffalo and many more. Collectors often seek to acquire a complete set of stamps from a particular series, or to build a collection that features a specific type of animal or habitat.

In addition to collecting the stamps themselves, many stamp collectors also enjoy learning about the featured wildlife and their conservation status. Some collectors may even use their collections to raise awareness and support conservation efforts for the featured species. Wildlife filatelic stamp collecting can also be a way to explore and appreciate the natural beauty and diversity of America’s wildlife.

Many stamp collecting clubs and societies in the United States specialize in wildlife filatelic stamp collecting. They organize events, shows and exhibitions, where collectors can meet and share their knowledge and interests.

Overall, wildlife filatelic stamp collecting in America is a fascinating hobby that combines the love of nature and the beauty of stamps.


Wildlife stamps of Barbuda

Barbuda is home to a diverse array of fauna, including many species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. The island is a significant nesting site for the endangered leatherback turtle, as well as other sea turtle species such as the hawksbill and green turtle. The Frigate Bird Sanctuary, located on the island, is home to one of the largest colonies of frigate birds in the Caribbean. Barbuda is also home to a variety of bird species, including the endemic Barbuda Warbler and the rare Reddish Egret. In terms of mammals, Barbuda is home to the Barbuda raccoon and the Barbuda skunk. Additionally, there are several species of reptiles found on the island, including the Barbuda anole and the Barbuda boa. Overall, Barbuda’s fauna is unique and diverse, making it a great destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Barbuda se encuentra en la América Central, es una Isla de las Antillas, al norte de Guadalupe.

serie de  fauna - aves

Año 1976, serie de 6 stamps nº 251 – 56 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 26.50€. El tema que aborda es fauna – aves – pájaros.

stamps de fauna de Nicaragua.

Nicaragua se ubica en el continente Americano. en América Central. Al oeste limita con el Océano Pacífico, al este con el Atlántico, al norte con Honduras y al sur con Costa Rica.

dos series fauna - animales

Año 1986, serie de 4 stamps nº 1407 – 10 del Catálogo Yvert , valor 1.50€.

Año 1986, serie de 3 stamps AÉREOS, nº 1134 – 36 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 6.50€. Tema fauna – aves diversas.

serie y folder de aves

Año 1989, serie de 7 stamps AÉREOS nº 1286 – 92 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 7.50€

Año 1989, folder Bloc nº 190 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 5€. Tema  fauna – aves diversas. La serie conmemora la Exposición Internacional Brasiliana 89.

serie más folder de aves

Año 1990, serie de 7 stamps nº 1544 – 50 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 8€

Año 1990, folder Bloc nº 199 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 5.50€. Tema fauna aves. Conmemora la Exposición Filatélica Internacional en Auckland, Nueva Zelanda 90.

serie de fauna salvaje

Año 1990, serie de 7 stamps nº 1551 – 57 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 8.50€. Tema fauna – Animales salvajes. Conmemora el 45 aniversario de la FAO.

stamps de fauna de Suriname.

Suriname , antigua Guayana Holandesa, situado al oeste de la Guayana francesa, al este de la británica y al norte de Brasil.

Serie de fauna en benefcio de infancia

Año 1977, serie de 5 stamps nº 694 – 98 del Catálogo Yvert , por un valor de 5€. Tema fauna a beneficio de la infancia.

folder de fauna 2 stamps

Año 2004, folder bloc nº 100 del Catálogo Yvert por un valor de 25€. Tema fauna – aves y UPAEP 2004.

Wildlife stamps, also known as hunting or fishing stamps, are a type of special stamp issued by the government to raise funds for conservation efforts and wildlife management. In the United States, wildlife stamps are required for hunting and fishing activities on certain lands and waters. These stamps often feature images of the wildlife found in the area where they will be used. Some examples of wildlife stamps in the United States include the Federal Duck Stamp, featuring a different species of waterfowl each year, and the State Duck Stamps, which vary from state to state, featuring different waterfowl and upland game birds. Other stamps include, the National Park Service Annual Pass which features different national parks and the National Forest Service Annual Pass which features different national forests. These stamps are not only a way to raise funds for conservation but also a way to educate people about different species of wildlife.