Panama, like many other countries, has issued stamps featuring wildlife native to the country. These stamps, known as “wildlife filatelic” stamps, depict wild animals and are used for postage.

Examples of wildlife featured on Panamanian stamps include:

  • The Harpy Eagle
  • The Central American Agouti
  • The Central American Spider Monkey
  • The Central American Squirrel Monkey
  • Birds such as the Keel-billed Toucan and the Resplendent Quetzal
  • Reptiles and amphibians such as the Green Iguana and the Panamanian Golden Frog

Panama is home to a diverse range of wildlife species, many of which are protected by national and international legislation. The stamps issued by Panama post office feature some of the most iconic and representative species of the country, and are a great way to learn more about the wildlife of Panama and their importance for conservation.

Collecting these stamps is a popular hobby among stamp collectors in Panama and also for those interested in the country’s natural history. These stamps are highly collectable and sought after by stamp collectors and nature enthusiasts. They also help raise awareness and support for conservation efforts for the featured species.

Overall, wildlife filatelic stamp collecting in Panama is a fascinating hobby that combines the love of nature and the beauty of stamps.

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Panamá se encuentra ubicado en el Continente americano. Limita con Colombia al sudeste y Costa Rica al noroeste.Separado por los Océanos Atlántico y Pacífico. Todo tipo de stamps de animales exóticos, mamíferos, aves rapaces, insectos y ranas. También puedes encontrar alguna serie de stamps del tema WWF.

Año 1996, serie de 4 stamps en bloque de 4 nº 1127 – 30 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 5€. Tema fauna panameña – mamíferos en su hábitat.

Año 1997, serie de 4 stamps en bloque de 4 nº 1142 – 45 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 5€. Tema fauna – ranas de Panamá.

Año 1998, serie de 4 stamps en bloque de 4, nº 1180 – 83 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 7€. Tema fauna – insectos.

Año 1998, serie de 4 stamps nº 1184 – 87 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 5€. Tema fauna aves rapaces: la águila arpía.

Año 2007, serie de 4 stamps unidos horizontalmente nº 1249 – 52 del Catálogo Yvert, valor 4€. Fauna – monos. Esta serie presenta el logotipo WWF protección a la naturaleza.